Hi, I’m Samrawit!

I was born and raised in Ethiopia then moved to California USA. I enjoy eating together on a big plate [Ethiopian way] and Ethiopian coffee ceremony because it brings people together. I love all kinds of people, getting to know other countries culture and recipes. I speak 6 languages including American sign language. [some not as good as the other]

Are you someone who enjoys cooking from scratch? no canned food, no frozen? Samra Cooks is about organic cooking from scratch, easier ways of my grandma’s and Emaye’s [my mom] Ethiopian/Eritrean recipes, my favorites from around the globe and whatever I discovered in my kitchen lab. 🙂 Welcome to Samra Cooks beautiful souls!!!

At the world food and Art festival California
Sharing doro wot Gursha

I learned how to cook Ethiopian food from grandma and Emaye [my mom], though it is considered a woman’s job Emaye doesnt encourage me to cook, trying to protect me from accidents and she always wanted me to focus on school. We always have maids to cook for us under my moms supervision [no you dont have to be super rich to hire one in Ethiopia] so I guess it worked as a reveres psychology, I happen to follow her around the kitchen observing what she does during holidays and asking lots of questions. [annoying the heck out of her] ha ha……..

The first time I cooked I was 11, there was no one home I found fermented and ready to go teff enjera dough, I made a mess!!!! 🙂 I did get in trouble since the enjera mitad (oven) was dangerous with visible electric wires, my cousin Selam got electric shock once, she was ok just threw her hard on the floor and we still laugh about it. My mom then decided it is ok for me to cook under her or the maid’s supervision and make the last enjera. making enjera is still one of my favorites.

Now I am in the kitchen most of the time and here I am making a career out of it. They say do what you love so you don’t feel like working, right? I used to work at a Bank as a Banking Officer, Pharmacy tech, I even started Med school thinking that would fulfill my life, but NO nothing makes me happier that being in the kitchen, doing my art and sharing it with you all.

I do coffee ceremony once a week and invite my friends, beside the gathering of people together I love Ethiopian coffee because it is roasted, ground and brewed fresh. The smell when the coffee is being roasted is priceless ……… I will soon post how I do it

What is your favorite Ethiopian food? comment below

Mine is Shiro with simple salad, suff fitfit and Sinig
This is your Appetizer main course and salad together 😉 it is called Beyaynetu

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